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Running Assessments

Who is a run assessment for?

For anyone who is either already running or wants to start! Run assessments can benefit beginner runners to experienced racers for injury prevention, injury management, or to improve performance.

What does it include?             

The assessment first includes a thorough discussion around running history, what your goals are, the shoes you currently train in, and any past or current injuries. Your physiotherapist will also do strength, stability, and mobility screening. This is important to screen for any deficits required to run efficiently and safely. If you are experiencing any injuries, further tests will also be done to help determine the cause of the injury and a treatment plan going forward. 

The running part of the assessment will take place on a treadmill. It will include a video of the gait analysis that will be sent to you afterwards with voiceovers and mark-ups as a follow-up of what was discussed in the clinic. 

Following the gait analysis, your physiotherapist will go through running specific interventions, drills, and cues to help address cadence and asymmetries. Any individualized exercise and treatment plans will also be provided.  

If you are training for a race, or just getting back into running, training plans can also be provided. Training plans will include frequency, distances, and intensity on a weekly basis. This can be anything from learning to run, returning from injury, and races from 5km up to marathon distances tailored to individual needs and goals.

What to bring to your assessment?

Must bring runners that you usually run in, shorts, and a water bottle. The assessment will take about an hour and can be billed through physiotherapy benefits. 

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